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Filmstalker nominated for Best of Brit Blog Awards

Hey all.

I've just been informed that Filmstalker has been nominated for the Arts & Entertainment category of the Best of Brit Blog Awards, and I'm overjoyed.

If you'd like to nominate your favourite blog, and/or continue to nominate Filmstalker, just head over to the Best of Brit Blog Awards at Metro and follow the rules for voting.

Here's some of the press release:

'The Best of Brit Blog Awards 2007 (BOBBs) launched on the 22nd February to find and reward the UK's most talented writers on the blogosphere. Ask.com, one of the UK's leading internet search engines, has teamed up with a number of celebrity judges including Alan McGee and Channel 5's Jason Bradbury to launch this initiative and get Britain blogging.

Here's who will be judging the categories

Arts and Entertainment - Alan McGee (Founder, Creation Records)
Fashion - Brenda Polan (Fashion Journalist/Broadcaster)
Sport - Alastair Cook (England Cricketer)
Politics - Ed Vaizeye (Conservative MP)
Travel - Tom Hall (Lonely Planet Spokesperson)
Technology - Jason Bradbury (Gadget Expert)
Youth - Shaa Wasmund (Founder of mykindofspace and Bebo)

Wow, Filmstalker is to be judged! Well I don't expect to win, I'm genuinely shocked to be nominated. This first year for Filmstalker just gets better and better, trailer quote, poster quote, rising readership, and now a nomination.

Many thanks to all of you, and now get voting for your favourite blogs.



Done. You've got my vote.

This is the news I have been waiting for and glad to hear that the nomination is now confirmed!

All the best Richard! ;)

Well deserved IMHO.

Even being nominated is awesome, best of luck!


Congrats on the nomination!

Good on ya, Richard! Congrats.

Yay!!!!!! and now on the final shortlist!!!!!!!!
well done and congratulations Filmstalker!!

Hi Sniffy, I am so thrilled to hear the news, and I love your enthusiasm! ;)


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