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First look at Yoda from Star Wars CGI series

CGIYoda.jpgI don't write about TV that often, in fact at all, but this little titbit dropped in to me by a friend (I shan't say reliable source!) just caught my attention. Star Wars isn't finished at all as the word of the CGI TV series as well as the live action series promises us more stories than I think we've ever seen before.

From the CGI series there's the first shot of Yoda all computerised, and I have to say he's looking phenomenal. There's also an interview online from George Lucas himself where he talks about the new shows.

You can see the image and listen to the audio interview over at Starwars.com which I was directed to through pablohoolio over at the Empire Forums.

Apparently Lucas says:

...there are a lot of awful things that we aren't supposed to do (in the episodes)...

Which does sound interesting. Perhaps he means that they can't touch a lot of the other storylines that already exist, and he's talking about the confines of working in the universe now. He also says that there are two more films for him then the CGI series, with the TV show splitting into separate shows that will focus on a different character each.

Sounds like there are big plans in store, but there's a lot riding on them being successful so that they can earn enough for the studio to keep them going through all the series. Would you genuinely follow this splitting of the series? How do you feel about the story going onto TV and becoming pure CGI?



It's nice to have big plans and all, but I think it's time George learned to reveal them a little bit at a time. Talking like all these spinoffs are assured sounds rather arrogant on his part.

On the other hand, the Clone Wars cartoon was a hell of a lot better than the prequel trilogy, so perhaps TV is something ol' Georgie is actually good at.

I love you George but why not give Star Wars a rest, and look into other material.

I agree about Yoda's new look though, if theyre selling stuffed Yoda dolls I am first on the queue!

love cartoons and cgi. Am also a big star wars freaky fan. I will watch this stuff till my eyes go dry.

I can't for the SW shows and even though lots are skeptical about them I can't help, but feel excited.


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