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First UK company offers DVD downloads to own

dvd.gifThe DVD rental service LOVEFiLM, which you will see gracing the advertising on Filmstalker, is going to be the first UK company to allow customers to download films and burn them to DVD to own.

According to the story in the BBC they are going to offer around a hundred titles from two major studios with prices starting at £9.99 per film. They will also offer films for free, paid for by advertisers and sponsors. The Machinist and The Prestige will be among the first to be given away.

If you didn't realise, LOVEFiLM already offer more than 2,500 films for download, but they have to be watched within a limited time on the download PC.

I think this is a great move forward, but I think that £9.99 may still be too much. Considering you can buy DVD films for less and receive all the extras. I wonder if this will provide full extras and the same audio and video quality? We certainly will see come the launch in April.

Meanwhile, if you want to leap onto the service have a look at the Filmstalker competition giving away months and months of free subscriptions to the service, that includes the downloads. Otherwise you can select the advertising banner and sign up through Filmstalker.

Would you use this download service? If not what would make you use it?



great idea, and its about time. Way to much. I wouldn't pay more than a fiver.

I used their download service last year and paid £2.99 and can view it for up to 24 hours. I agree with you that paying £9.99 per download is way expensive when you get DVDs being sold for even under a fiver these days.


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