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Forrest Gump II?

ForrestGump.jpgForrest Gump II, can you believe it? Well the novel on which the original Forrest Gump is based has a sequel, and both are written by Winston Groom, and five years ago the screenwriter of the original, Eric Roth, was taken in by Paramount to write it. Now it looks set to be resurrected.

According to the usual anonymous sources that make the rumour mill so interesting to read about, Paramount have picked up this script and started running with it again.

Apparently five years ago they couldn't get the sequel script going any further because Groom and Paramount had a bit of a legal tiff over the usual legal Hollywood squabbles, he claimed he wasn't getting paid enough. Now though, according to Cinema Blend who have the rumour, that's all worked out and the project is a go.

The book, Gump & Co. goes something like this. The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company has gone bust and Forrest is broke and is now sweeping floors in a strip joint to earn enough to keep his son fed and housed. Amazingly though the Gump magic starts working again and championship football beckons his amazing running ability, and he's soon getting back the money he lost. Before long the Gump adventures are happening all over again.

I don't know, there's part of me that would like to see more of the story because it is so fun, and the historical mix is a great to see, but it just seems as though a plot device has been thrown in to bring Gump back to the start of his journey again, and this time he has a son for the added emotional drama.

Apparently Tom Hanks hasn't signed up yet, although they are courting him for the role. Funnily enough, one of the historical characters that Gump meets in the film is Hanks himself.

Is there any desire to see a sequel to the film? Are you a lover or hater of the Gump original?



I love this film is really great but an second opus can destroy the reputation and cult image of forest gump.

I'm a hater of the film (one of the worst best picture choices...This was chosen over Pulp Fiction as best picture? WTF? ).

I love Zemekis, but this film rubbed me the wrong way from the start, it felt like more of a celebration of stupidity and just hope for luck to sort your life out...I had no issues with the film musically or technically, there was brilliance in the craft, even if the story and themes were American dreck at its worst.

They can sequel it to death, I won't be watching 'em anyway.

I enjoyed the film immensely, but I can't say a sequel has me feeling warm and fuzzy. The synopsis doesn't sounds too grand. Sure, it might be fun, but I think we can do without another.

Oh I loved this film! But like Meli (hi!), I am not so sure about the sequel.

NOooooooooooooooooooo! make them stop!

What else is the sequel/prequel/remake/triology/straight to dvd/blah blah going to do EXCEPT rehash the original story and make more money?

The first film was mildly amusing and had quite a few genuine laugh out louds, but surely there was nothing left of the story to tell?

I'm a fan of the movie, however doesn't anyone remember that Dan invested money in Apple Computers? If Bubba Gump shrimp co. goes belly up, Gump would still have his Apple investments.

They shouldn't make this film. The first was irreplaceable, no matter how good the sequal is it will never match upto the insain expectations of the first film. If the new film doesn't match upto its predicessor it will be ruin everything about the old film as well. Also the ending was pretty much definate in the old film: And the new one is developing more towards modern times so it wont as such have the historical feel as the first film. If anyone could pull off the resurection of Forrest Gump it would be Tom Hanks but this film can't be a such as a sequal but rather a whole new story on its own. As it seems there are only 3 characters left.


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