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Fox says title is Die Hard 4.0

DieHard4_Poster.jpgIt sees as though Australia is getting Live Free or Die Hard renamed to be Die Hard 4.0 as well. Back on the 15th of February I highlighted that the new International trailer was labelled Die Hard 4.0 all over it, perhaps we're looking at a name change everywhere but the US?

Moviehole have the news that down their way the same name change is apparent, and they've received confirmation from Fox.

I actually love this title compared to Live Free or Die Hard, and I admit I didn't when I first heard it, now though I think it's spot on.

Which do you prefer, or do you have a better idea?



4.0 is MUCH better. Especially if it has something to do with computers or internet security or something. Really though, who cares? It's Bruce Willis kickin ass and taking names. Whatever the title, the movie is gonna rock.

I guess for shortening reasons it's pretty cool, but Live Free or Die Hard should at least be their tag line. I think it's kind of a neat little saying. Not the most cleverest one ever but still good!

Or they could have done it with an underscore, Die Hard 4_0

Hihihihihi Just trying to be funny. ;D


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