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Gaiman's Stardust trailer online

MatthewVaughn.jpgThe trailer for Neil Gaiman's Stardust directed by Matthew Vaughn is now online, and it looks spectacular.

Okay, it is very small, but the characters and effects look wonderful and two in particular caught my eye out of that huge cast list. Robert De Niro no longer looking like his dumpy comic character that he has played for ages now, and the return of Michelle Pfeiffer who is looking superb.

Could this film turn out to be a great hit for Vaughn? It looks wonderful, has a stunning cast, and the story is quite magnificent (so I'm told).

You can see the trailer over at Kineo Express through Jo Blo.

What do you think? Does look wonderful, now I want to see that footage in Quicktime and large.



this isn't the trailer, it's leaked footage with unfinished CGI. the official, real trailer should be out in a couple of weeks

and you can see it on quicktime in large by the way, just go to that site, and click on mirror at the bottom.

I didnt see Peter O' Toole!

O'Toole is in there briefly

Cheers for the second point Ex, and thanks for the pedantic update on the first - okay, it's "A" trailer...THE trailer will follow!

I just found the Day Watch trailer as well. For more of your fantasy film, check it out.


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