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Gatchaman (G-Force) pictures online

BattleofthePlanets.jpgThe same studio that created the CGI TMNT film are working on Gatchaman, aka G-Force or Battle of the Planets, it's even being written and directed by Kevin Munroe who is the Writer and Director on TMNT. Now, as with TMNT, there are some pre visualisation shots online to show the ideas behind the film, and it looks good.

You can see that the costumes retain the look of the campy original series, and for once I think that they could do with updating them. I'm sure when it does come to the screen we'll see some changes, but there doesn't seem to be much on the characters at this stage.

What we can see is that it looks epic, and that the action will take place on Earth as well as in space. You can see the photos over at the Imagi studio site through CHUD.

There's part of me that is quite looking forward to seeing this cartoon come to the big screen, and there's another part that wonders if this will destroy the love of the original cartoon I had during my youth. What do you think of the shots and especially if you grew up with the cartoon?



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