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Gears of War the film?

GearsofWar.jpgNext up on the videogame remake chart is Gears of War, an action-horror third person combat game on the Xbox 360, just bought by New Line.

The game shows you as Marcus Fenix who is a squad leader in the Coalition of Ordered Governments fighting against the massive Locust Horde, outnumbering you by...well...big numbers. Possibly endless numbers per level...until the level boss is killed that is.

Supposedly the game features heavily on the story telling aspect and as the official site says:

...is designed for gamers aged 18 and older, who seek a deeper and more connected story that revolves around mature themes and depictions. The massively scoped worlds, memorable characters, and epic story line of Gears of War play out like an intense and unsettling Hollywood blockbuster action film. Movie-quality cut scenes, cinematic camera moves, and in-game storytelling bring the brutal, emotionally charged narrative to life, and this narrative remains alive because it is seamlessly controlled by you, Marcus Fenix.

If you head over there you can also view a trailer of the film. According to Variety there's a twenty one page treatment by Stuart Beattie which helped win the auction.

Here's an interesting thought, on the Xbox Gears of War is considered as big, if not bigger now, than the Halo games. Could we see this coming to the big screen before Halo and perhaps stealing its thunder?

Have you played the game? Should I buy it (from Play Asia through Filmstalker of course!)? Could it make a film worthy outing?



I've played Gears of War, and I think it surpasses Halo. The game is really engaging and cinematic to watch. Intuitive gameplay and impressive visuals make Gears of War the best game of the current next generation systems.

I've played. I agree with ryan, but because it's so damn short I don't think it surpasses Halo just yet. It's pretty good, and definitely a game that would probably be a safe bet to be a money making, GOOD adaptation. Unless they change plot elements for no damn reason. *cough*doomandsilenthill*cough*

A good game that could have been a lot better, thats what version 2 will be.

If they make a film then its going straight to video.

Hey mate, Gears is great. Yes the campaign is short but the true viv of the game is it's online play.

Look me up: Bradisafa.

I did Brad, my friends' request was sitting for ages without anything happening.

Okay, sounds good though, but just too short. In that case it won't get my money. I'll pass the cost onto hosting instead!


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