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Gemma from Hollyoaks to Hollywood

GemmaAtkinson.jpgSunday mornings aren't the same anymore now that Gemma Atkinson has left Hollyoaks, the sexy UK soap, but that hasn't stopped her appearing on TV like mad. Well now she's reportedly heading to Hollywood to try and get her way into film acting.

I know the perfect role for her if Scarlett Johansson doesn't take it, Jenna Jameson's biography.

I just saw this little story on Virgin and was initially surprised that they had the wrong picture - it isn't even Gemma, but it'll change as soon as they realise.

A source close to her (ahem) said:

"Gemma would love to work in films in America. She has a few things in the pipeline."

Okay, so actually she hasn't really set out there as yet, there's just possibly, maybe some talk. I could see her making the transition quite easily, she is very good looking and the camera does love her, but I would say she has to up her acting for the big screen. Everything else has been upped!



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