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Gerard Butler video interview on 300

GerardButler.jpgOh ladies, do I have some good news for you. I've been given three clips from 300, and the plan is to even them out over the week, but I couldn't hold this one back to the end. Gerard Butler talks in quite some depth about his performance in 300 (Filmstalker review), and he doesn't just talk, he's on video too!

You've got to credit the guy, he really does seem genuinely excited about this film, and with great reason too, just read the spoiler free Filmstalker review to find out why. There's passion and excitement coming through in his words, and mixed with the footage of him from the film, you can't help but get pulled in and excited about it all.

300 is released throughout March, now out in the US and 23rd for the UK, here's the full IMDB release schedule for your region.

Here's the...hold up. Apologies all, I've just been told that I can't release the clip just yet. Sorry. The good news is that I hear we're getting them this afternoon...I'll update as soon as I have them.



Talk about whetting my voracious appetite! ;)

Sorry the problem had been I had already posted the link, so taking it down would have meant it was still being cached. So I had to edit the post.

I'll edit again as soon as I get the link.

Well, I look forward to the clips whenever you have them up. :)

I get to see Hunky-G tomorrow. Hubby offered to go tonight, but I assume the first night/date night crowd will be insane, what with guys wanting to see the action and gals wanting to see the Abs of Glory.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and so favorably reviewed it. It's nice to see our boy, G.B., get his props.


Any update on this one? ;)

Latest update is that we should be getting them in Quicktime for downloading...so not just streaming...just awaiting the encoding.

Cheers Rich!


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