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Gibson stands proud to Apocalypto haters

MelGibson.jpgMel Gibson has proven once again that he's a filmmaker with a lot of heart, belief in his work, passion and a care for the audience. At a recent screening of his film for a group of University students at USC a small group of Apocalypto haters stood up and gave Gibson what for, he in turn defended his film and despite the obvious upset stayed to talk with the students.

According to reports when Gibson first arrived for the screening he received a standing ovation, and it was an incredibly packed ovation at that. However soon into the Q&A a woman stood up with people she claimed to be Mayans.

"The woman started calling Gibson “A racist” and “ignorant” while the other Mayans chanted in Spanish. Gibson insisted that she say her piece, interrupting her only when she called his potrayl of Mayan’s negative to which he replied “Oh you mean like the guy who loves his wife and son? Like the families and people trying desperately to survive?” and then he started by telling her about the people he read, then rapidly went ape shit with “Read a ****ing book.” And “Make your own fuckinging movie”. Gibson was cheered the protestors where booed and then forcibly removed."

Is how a source wrote the events to Cinema Blend.

To all accounts Gibson behaved like anyone who had poured their heart into a project they adored, but he showed great reserve holding back and letting them speak to begin with. What showed even more strenght of character is that afterwards he continued the Q&A session with the USC students for some time. Personally I think I'd be struggling to keep my anger bottled up.

You can read about the whole event over at CB where the source writes quite a length account of the proceedings. I have to give credit to Gibson, he sounds like he handled it well, and in fact everything I read about him makes him sound like a pretty typical, stand up guy.

Whether you say that Apocalypto (Filmstalker review) is historically correct or not is the same argument there is for 300 (Filmstalker review), but despite all that you can't deny that the creators of these films lack the heart and passion of their cinematic creations.



The BBC is also carrying a news about this and if it's the same woman that was mentioned here, she is demanding an apology after being sent out from the proceedings as she claims she wasnt being disruptive.

I still contend that Apocalypto remains the BEST film I have seen this year. I have always admired Gibson's vision as a director, so well done in standing by your work of art Mel!

"you can't deny that the creators of these films lack the heart and passion of their cinematic creations."

I think you meant that you CAN'T MAKE THE ARGUMENT that the creators of these films lack the heart and passion of their cinematic creations.

Oh I'm glad someone's reading closely!

Yes you're close, I certainly didn't mean to say that he doesn't lack the heart and passion.

You know I really need to get some more sleep in my life.


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