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Gibson turns to Spanish explorer or Panama film noir?

MelGibson.jpgMel Gibson's next film may be based in Panama. According to rumours he's either working on a film about Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa, or perhaps a remake of the 1950's film noir Panic in the Streets.

According to the newspaper La Prensa, Panamanian filmmaker José Severino has said that he's in negotiations with Gibson to produce the film about the Spanish explorer.

Meanwhile MSNBC have the rest of the story that he met with Ruben Blades, a tourism spokesman and well known singer, and they discussed making a film in Panama, possibly the Panic in the Streets remake.

It's all pretty much rumour at the moment, but it does sound like it fits with Gibson's more unusual film tastes. Whatever his next film is I'm excited about it, Apocalypto (Filmstalker review) was superb, and I think there's much more to come from the director in this man.



If it's about Balboa then it will no doubt make mention El Dorado - count me in to be excited if this rumor is for real!

I´d love to see that, but I doubt Gibson will make a movie based on the Conquest of America after making Apocalypto.


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