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Goyer's Invisible featurette reveals spoiler?

TheInvisible.jpgEarlier this month I posted about the behind the scenes featurette for David S. Goyer's Invisible remake, and although I didn't say anything then I was surprised to see it show a potentially big spoiler. Well other sites have been picking up the featurette and even Goyer has mentioned it on his site, and no mention of the potential spoiler.

Personally, when I saw it I thought it was pretty huge, and yet no one has mentioned it and it hasn't even been removed. Has anyone else noticed it? If you haven't and you don't want to know about it then feel free not to read the comments, because I'm sure it's going to come up there.

You can see the featurette over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:iPod], see what you think.



Yeah, I spotted it. The 'Frighteners' come 'Flatliners' gambit of somebody crossing over to the other side. Just after Goyer talks about the stunt woman being a practical element.

I had saved it up to mention should I ever post on the film, but... er... it isn't likely I'll ever say much about this one.

Spoiler: do you mean her falling?

If so, I dont know if this is a real spoiler. In the next cut, everything's back.

Potential Spoiler:

Lars I do. Sure she has fallen and you see her back up on top of the roof afterwards, but if you see the look on their faces she's confused and showing realisation at the same time, he's looking at her with a look that's waiting for her realisation.

I think it's pretty obvious, just don't know if it's a big plot twist or not.

Bredon - Why are you not going to mention it now? Are you just not interested in the film anymore?


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