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Grindhouse over three hours and R rated

GrindHouse.jpgGrindhouse has just been given a running time and a rating, and it looks like we're going to have to have an intermission as well as the fake trailers.

At over three hours long we're looking at a hell of a sit down, even for two films, the fact that they are nailed together with fake trailers means that no film fan will want to leave the cinema while they are on, so unless they throw in a break or cut the films down then I'd say take a cushion, some food and drink, and one of those cardboard things from hospital.

The good news is that it will carry an R rating, according to Box Office Mojo through AITH. There's been no talk of toning anything down, something that I thought there might come a time for.

So we're another step closer to seeing this unique double bill. You know I don't care if it is this long and we can't leave the cinema, because this is such a unique project and these films aren't being churned out two a dozen, I think we'll manage to be glued to the seat for that length of time, don't you?



Length doesn't worry me at all. This thing could be a 5 1/2 hour long marathon and I wouldn't complain.

Did anyone really doubt it was going to be rated R? I was actually hoping for an NC-17. Then we'd know we were getting what's expected from a grind house (uh... at the local Cineplex in the mall).

From what I've read they MUST have made cuts to get it to an R-rating. And Drew, personally I think 3 hours of grindhouse-type fare is TOO much to sit through. I suppose the fact that they'll break it up into two movies and fake trailers will help, but man, that's a lot of gore/sex/violence to sit through!


I'm OK with the length but I do hope they throw in an intermission. I'm thinking a cigarette break is going to be necessary in there somewhere.

From what I understand there will be a break between movies but it will be filled with a fake trailer (or two) so just don't drink a large soda. :-)



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