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Hermione Granger leaves Harry Potter early?

EmmaWatson.jpgAccording to reports Emma Watson is out of the Harry Potter series and has left a bit of a void in the cast as Hermione Granger disappears. It seems that not all the young actors were happy continuing with their typecasting.

The reports have Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley as if you didn't know, saying that he and Daniel Radcliffe no longer speak to her. Whereas once they texted and talked between films, all that has stopped and the report claims that WB have confirmed that she has not signed up for the films.

Now this could be a storm in a tea cup. She could simply have just not signed up yet, however the News of the World UK newspaper claims she's out and the story is carried through Digital Spy.

I'm not sure what to believe at the moment, with so many rumours going around it's hard not to start disbelieving everything you hear until it's written in blood. Still, this does seem pretty close to that, and with the comment from Grint it could well be true.

If it is, they would have to start looking to cast someone that looks like her, I wonder if they would look to gain someone that isn't known at all in the film industry? That might be a bit of a jolt for fans of the series. That said, all this could be a stalling tactic and we could be seeing her return once the cheque is upped from the reported GB£2 million per film.

She should have been taking a leaf out of Radcliffe's boook and diversifying her roles between films. Is the change of cast likely to be such a problem or could she be easily recast without issue?



I've heard these rumours for ages, and I'm not sure if they're real or not. HPANA posts articles that says WB is confident Emma will return for the rest of the movies.

But why would Rupert say that if it wasn't true?

If it is true, then I think she's being very spoilt. It's like celebrity syndrome or something! Rumours of Emma quitting and she's said in interviews before she's sick of being the girl from Harry Potter, that's quite a selfish thing to say, after all its put her name out there, made her rich, made her a role model and icon for millions, and got to star as Hermione Granger, from the best selling ficion books! I think it would be very selfish to pull out when there's only two to go now, she'd be ruining Harry Potter! plus, it just wouldn't be the same if they cast a new person to be Hermione. It would suck.


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