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Hills Have Eyes II more clips online

TheHillsHaveEyes2_Poster.jpgThere are a couple of new clips online for The Hills Have Eyes II online. Unfortunately I can't see them because they aren't downloading, but just in case you can, here they are.

The more I'm seeing of this film the more I'm thinking that this might be a good horror, and that they are taking this one in a different direction to the original.

To start with my concern was with the Craven's coming in to write a sequel to the remake which was so strong, and their previous sequels to the original weren't. There was also the concern that Aja, the director of the excellent remake, wasn't on board for this one.

Yet seeing the clips and trailers that have come online, and hearing about the set reports, I'm starting to believe this could be a really strong horror.

You can see the two clips at Fox Atomic, Surface and POV, both were found through AITH.



There are working links at TerrorFeed.com


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