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Hirsch speaks about Speed Racer lead

SpeedRacer.jpgJust last week we heard the rumour that Emile Hirsch was set to play the lead in the Wachowski Brother's adaptation of Speed Racer, and now we hear it's confirmed, from both Joel Silver and Hirsch himself.

There's a few facts that have come out about the film, first up Hirsch is locked in for the role, it's going to be a G rated family film, the Mach 5 car will be full CGI, and finally Silver's looking for two films from the story.

The comments come through IESB, and there's also a short video of Hirsch talking about the role, and it looks like he's talking really quite quickly after being told about it, he's excited and not making much sense at times! You can see that right here...



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