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Hirsch up for Speed Racer?

SpeedRacer.jpgIs Emile Hirsch going to be the Speed Racer? Well it seems he's in final talks to star in the Wachowski Brothers film based on the cartoon series, perhaps this is alongside Zac Efron, or maybe Efron has already been dropped out of the running.

I never really knew what the story was all about, but Variety have a little write up for us:

...the adventures of the youthful Speed -- played by Hirsch -- as he tries to obtain victory in his tricked-out Mach 5 racecar, built by his father...Speed is often bailed out of danger by Racer X, a rival with a mysterious connection to Speed.

That's pretty much it. I wonder where Efron is on this, or if this is just another casting rumour. Both guys look like they could carry the part though.

Are there any Speed Racer fans out there that can tell us all more about the story?



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