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Hoffman and Linney in The Savages trailer

LauraLinney.jpgThere's a trailer online for the comedy The Savages starring Philip Bosco, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the gorgeous Laura Linney.

It tells the story of two siblings who are pulled back together when they are told that their estranged Father is ill and in need of support. Linney plays the daughter who is a temp trying to be a struggling playwright, and Hoffman plays the son who has a commitment phobia and is a compulsive obsessive. As they come together to help their Father they start to understand him, and each other better.

You can see the rather amusing trailer over at Static Multimedia [Flash:Embed]. Something interesting there? I do love Linney on screen both as an actress and a gorgeous lady, then there's the powerhouse of Hoffman, but is the material right for them?



Ahhh this looks really good, tugged at my heartstrings.


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