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Host director happy with remake

TheHost_Poster.jpgWe've known for some time now, X in fact, that there was a remake of superb Korean film The Host (Filmstalker review) on the cards, but Bong Joon-ho the director of the original has now spoken about his hopes for the remake.

I have to say it sounds like he has the right attitude to the news that Universal have the remake rights:

"Maybe three or four years down the line, if The Host [remake] comes out, and there's a cool director who takes it on and makes it a real great film, then I'd be very happy...On the other hand, if it's just crap, I think I'd be happy, too, because then people would be like, 'Oh, yeah, Bong's original was really good.' So, for me, it's a win-win situation. But Universal has a tradition of doing horror and creature films, so I anticipate that they will do a great film."

Before you start wondering about the language, he's speaking through a translator over at SciFi Wire. He also talks about one of his next projects, the adaptation of the french graphic novel La Transperceneige which tells the story of the survivors of mankind who live aboard a train after a terrible ice age has devastated the planet.

"It's about the struggles and fights that go on even in such a critical state...There's the tension. There's the fighting, and that appeals to me also. Outside, it's like ice, but inside it's bubbling over, all these human emotions and whatnot. The contrast there is interesting. I want to keep the tension going."

Sounds interesting. On The Host remake I think he has the right idea, either way he's winning, and at the same time he ends up with cash in his hands to take forward to his next project. I am glad though that he's not just gone straight to Hollywood and started on Hollywood films. La Transperceneige sounds like a superb project for him to tackle next.



You're absolutely right, either way you cut it Bong Joon-ho has the right idea. I just hope the remake IS good.


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