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Hostel: Part II watch the horror online

HostelPartII.jpgThere's a great little advertising campaign for Hostel: Part II out just now, and it's equally terrifying, disgusting and strangely transfixing.

The site which is simply called diehostal.de, found through HorrorMovies.ca, has a three by three grid of feeds from cameras that are located inside the torture areas of the new Hostel operation. We can see a couple of connecting corridors, changing rooms, the holding cell which contains the latest visitors and five feeds from torture chambers themselves.

Be aware that although the action is all mostly hidden from view, it's still very dark and disturbing in tone. If the Hostel film spooked you, this certainly will.

It gives a good taste of just how the storyline for the new film might go, and how wide the underground business has expanded in the new film. Yeah, it looks horrific.



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