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Howard talks Iron Man sequel

TerrenceHoward.jpgTerrence Howard has been talking about Iron Man and his part in the story as Tony Stark's, or Iron Man's, best friend who knows the secret of the big man played by Robert Downey Jr. He's let out that Jon Favreau is thinking of a second film, in which he will get the chance to be the backup for Iron Man.

"Seeing Iron Man [do] battle [in] the original suit that he made — crashing into a car and flipping me off like I'm nothing — [it doesn't] even affect him! Me? [My character will be] sitting there waiting — lusting for the opportunity to have my own power."

That he does, but perhaps not in the first film:

"...depending on the success of the first one, War Machine [won't be in until] the second one"

The quotes come from a short interview in VH1 through Rope of Silicon.

It looks like Howard is looking forward to working on this a lot more than Downey is. Downey's previous comments were very firmly placing this role in his career, Howard is a bit more pragmatic and says that this film is going to be a fun departure.

Remember though, if this one does well then we could see a second, and that's where the character of Stark would break back into alcoholism which renders him useless in his fight against crime as Iron Man. That's where Howard's character of Jim Rhodes takes over, he dons the armour and does battle in the name of Iron Man.

Stark does return though, creating a new set of armour for himself, and Rhodes becomes a new armoured superhero, War Machine.

Will we get to see a second film? The first will decide all. I guess so will Downey and Howard.



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