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Hutton in Kovack Box and Multiple Sarcasms

TimothyHutton.jpgTimothy Hutton stars in The Kovak Box and with Mira Sorvino in Multiple Sarcasms.

Timothy Hutton's latest film has just completed in Spain, he plays a science fiction author who heads over there to give a talk on his famous book, and while on his trip the events of the book start to come to life around him. The film is called The Kovak Box and is heading straight to DVD, but the concept sounds interesting. According to Hutton who speaks through SciFI Wire:

"David Kelly plays this mad scientist who's orchestrating the whole thing...He pretends to be a fan of my writing, and he's actually obsessed with this one book that I wrote. And because he suffered from it, from reading it, he wants me to suffer through it as well. So he re-creates the plot of the book, and I can't get off this island. He holds the key, this man. It's a pretty cool story."

Speaking of Timothy Hutton, according to Variety he is joining Mira Sorvino, Dana Delany, Stockard Channing and Mario Van Peebles - Peebles? You mean he's still acting? - in a film called Multiple Sarcasms by Brooks Branch.

The script follows a man stumbling through his midlife...well, life, and decides to write a play based on his relationships he's had. Just as the play starts to become successful his real life collapses, probably because all these women see that he's been writing about them! Sounds a complete nightmare for any man!



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