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Indiana Jones IV all rumours and no substance

IndianaJones.jpgThe rumours are going mad on Indiana Jones IV right now, there's the Cate Blanchett casting, Shia LeBeouf just debunked casting, as well as the title Indiana Jones: City of the Gods and now the almost immediately debunked Gong Li and big name Hollywood actor casting.

The whole thing is going mad. However the Blanchett story does seem pretty firm, even if we are now hearing possible put downs about it, it does seem as though everything is speculation and nothing is truth as yet.

It seems at the moment that there are all sorts of possibles being thrown at the film in order for some of them to stick. The latest regarding Gong Li was picked up by Twitch from filmick, and then within an hour and a half killed.

Right now though, we don't know that much. Frankly we don't even know if it's going to get made. At this rate we'll still be here next year talking about possible cast and titles!

Do you think we'll really see this come out, and if it does are you interested anymore?



I think eventually it WILL get made, but no way with the release date they claim. Adn yes, I'm totally interested and I guarantee eveyone else is too; even if they say they're not. This movie will make huge bank.

As for the Gong Li rumor not being true, all I can say is DAMMIT! I would've LOVED that!

Despite all this rumours that either make you go YES! or make you go YAWN, I am still seriously interested to see Indy 4.


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