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Iranian government denounces 300

300.jpgHere at Filmstalker we've been seeing the 300 (Filmstalker review) backlash from the Iranian people first hand, and now the official denouncement has come from the cultural advisor to the Iranian President. Javad Shamqadri has said that the film has plundered Iran's historic past and insulted the civilisation.

He said that the film was psychological warfare against Tehran and the Iranian people, his dramatic quotes kept coming:

"American cultural officials thought they could get mental satisfaction by plundering Iran's historic past and insulting this civilization...Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Hollywood and cultural authorities in the US initiated studies to figure out how to attack Iranian culture...Certainly, the recent movie is a product of such studies."

Wow. Those comments through the BBC are quite surprising. Hollywood has been spending its time figuring out how to attack Iran? Well, I guess that explains why they haven't been putting much thought into their current trend of remakes.

However I think the Iranians are giving the audience of the film a bit much credit, and now don't take offence dear readers because I'm talking about me too. At no point does the film state that the ancient Persians are modern day Iran. I didn't catch that at all, and in fact I never took any modern day references from it at all.

Add to that the fact that I didn't hear anyone from Iran standing up when the source material was written, the 300 comic by Frank Miller on which the film is so solidly taken. Oh, and in all the comments I've made about this subject on other threads, haven't you realised yet that these are fictional works? Yes the original book is based on another book and fictional film which look to historical events as retold mythology not as actual fact.

You have to wonder sometimes what is going on in this world. Everyone else, enjoy the entertainment.



More proof that the Iranian gov't is insane and need to be dealt with (and no, I don't mean bomb the shit out of them).

We are evil, that´s clear.

Please dont rain on Gerry's parade, nor steal his thunder! I am really getting upset now and you wont like me when I'm upset!

It's absolutely laughable and it continues to astound me what people will complain about. If anything it's this type of thing which would make me want to see a movie had I not had prior interest. Fact is, I wanted to see it and I loved it - I honestly have continued to think about how entertaining this movie was ...in fact...I think I'll make time to see it again. :)

lets start a boycott on Iranian caviar and pistachio nuts. I hear they're the best in the world..

Holy molly!! Richard, I just got home and switched on the telly to watch the news... Guess what the first item was?? It was Leonidas, sorry Gerard Butler, screaming out " to the cliffs"!!!! Yes the news was about how Iran has asked all Muslim countries to boycott "300", as it degrades Islam as well as a propaganda campaign against Iran by the US!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell u what this is the best free promotion "300" is getting. Btw, I live in Hong Kong, and few here have ever heard of Thermopylae or Sparta. So people are just going out to see this movie to figure out what all the fuss is about when it opens on the 15th....
What a weird world we live in from comic book to international boycott!!!!!!!!!!?????????

I tell u what this is the best free promotion "300" is getting.

Mike, that was exactly what I was thinking of last night too, this petition thing is not doing them any favours because it's jus going to have a reverse effect as instead of turning people away, out of curiousity they will want to know more instead of staying away from it. And just look at the box-office figures for the weekend! I think this is more to 300's advantage more than anything.

Hey Meli, I am definitely going to see it again, I need to watch any film with Gerry Butler more than once to recover from the shock of the first viewing! ;)

Simone, I hear you girl! He's quite commanding on the screen in 300. Then again watching his performance in Phantom also gave me chills. ;)

[[[Meli]]] Tell me about it! I am literally awestruck! I've seen most of his films (and I think you know why) and this was a totally incredible performance he gave us of King Leonidas, not to mention the... [censored!]

Don't even remind me of Phantom! I am thinking of watching it again soon actually. As if I havent had enough!

Mike you're spot on, all this is just bolstering the hype for the film and more people will go and see it!

this movie is a joke of a movie!!! it is made buy a sick minded racist and as u can see there where not one real Persian acteur or crew member involved in making this movie.
it is based on a comic book made buy a sick perverted mind and nothing in it is actually real .
but the big problem i have is why the hell if they make a stupid movie for average American which have a IQ of a cat based on a comic book and they use the real name and location from the old history pages . that is just bullshit it is just like the sick movie Alexandre .they made the man look like a god and the Persian like Arabs and never say in the movie that Alexander was jealous of Persians and always wanted to be a Persian him self that is why he killed the men who had killed the persianking and married his dougther and called him self the Persian among Persians .
the movie 300 is a joke and a insult to history and Persian people and every body giving that rubbis a good review must be no more than a pig .

Okay, miro. You can call Frank Miller sick and perverted. You can even call everyone in my country stupid, but what you can't do is call my favorite movie reviewer/blogger a pig. You've gone too far now... :)

Thanks hap! Hey Miro, how's Belgium?

What I'm finding interesting, and one reason why I'm leaving so many of these comments here and the discussion going, is the complete inflexibility, lack of acceptance or desire to understand, and the general hatred towards another group of human beings. Yes, I'm talking about the comments directed towards those who enjoyed the movie and watched it for entertainment.

It astounds me the ingrained hatred and the desire to be in a "black and white" situation, where anything outside of the accepted belief of the people commenting here is trying to destroy them or attack them in the eyes of others.

There is no willingness to accept or find common ground, but the perpetuation of hatred and aggression. There is no acceptance of other cultures and beliefs here.

300 is an entertaining film. It's about heroisim within humans, and above all it's about some insane onscreen fights, huge action pieces and fantasticly filmed sequences.

These comments are doing nothing more than showing the people concerned in a very bad light.

our children are going to watch that movie as well as Ur children's and what will happen they will take a example from this guys and begin to hate Persians if ever there is war comming or some other mistake will be made buy us government .
i am a Persian my self and i am proud to be one and i believe in the name PERSIAN there is somethink magical and it Cary's a lot of proud and culture with it self but such a movies are made to drag our good name and culture throw dirt and make the us children even more hostale and ignorance about Persians and Iran . if this movie was names 300 warriors against the demon barbarians i could live with it but they use the name of the greatest nation ever there was and the name of one of the best Persian king ever there was in the movie and they change almost everythink that did happend in the our history and portered the great Persians as barbarians . why do u think they made Persians which are the one and throw arian race in this movie black because people still think that Africans as savages and primitive people . so this movie is a big lay and full of bullshit and a shame for the people which made it and the intelligent people which are going to watch it . i guess if some one has the intelligent of a 8 years old from Texas must love the movie afther all there are good special effects in the movie it is like some one watching Iraq's war and each time a bomb is falling saying bbbbbbbaaaaaabbbbbooooommmmmmmm have u seen what a hit and the smoke comming from it just amazing. so i say do not close Ur eyes for this thinks just because it is easy but tell the world what is wrong with it some times .

and excuse my English writhing i can make some mistakes.

I'm here for you Richard...just say the word. I know some people. ;-)

I appreciate you leaving these threads up and allowing all of us to exchange thoughts with those who feel insulted by the movie. It's been educational but a bit disheartening.

Its funny to me that most americans wouldnt even be able to tell you their own history. If you were to ask the everyday american what people the modern day Iranians decend from I promise that for the most part you would get a look like you had just asked them to solve a complex mathmatical equation! In my opinon Iran needs to get over themselves. If they think that for one minute that the vast majority of the american public cares about them, they are sadly mistaken. Most americans would even venture to say that the speak arabic in Iran. The american people just dont care what that country does, until it infringes on their way of life. I feel that Iran continues to flatter itself by thinking that americans actually care about what they say.


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