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Iron Man set report details

IronMan.jpgThere's a scooper that has been on the set of Iron Man and has been talking about what has been going on behind the scenes. We hear that apparently the Iron Man suit is full CGI, and that the sets were looking amazing.

"I saw a crew of about 30-40 people standing in the area where the video observation equipment was. Sitting in the middle was John Faverau with a huge smile on his face. And just past the first camera lit up for all to see was Robert Downey Jr. It was pretty damn cool."

Here's what the scooper had to say through Vic's Screen Rant, where you can read the full report.

"Robert Downey Jr/tony stark sitting down on a cot with a torn shirt on. He had a goatee and a good layer of surrounding stubble on his face. (He was obviously a prisoner and redently had the shrapnel removed from his chest or was still wounded) He was somber and looked very tired. He was in a cave with another man who was wearing a torn lab coat. A few men in ski masks stormed in and started screaming at Robert/Tony in what I could only guess was Arabic. ( No... no 'Durka durka durka jihad' was muttered sorry.) The other scientist was translating for Robert/Tony saying they wanted to know when they would begin manufacturing the weapon/s."

Sounds good. I remember Favreau saying that the suit was going to be a mix of real and CGI, but it seems like they might not have been able to get the fluidity of the suit with real physical body armour. Perhaps he'll have a suit with some reference parts for the CGI, but that will probably be about it. What it does mean is that the suit will look stunning, and if they can get the time and money into it, then it'll look stunning.



That sounds really promising if that was the case according to this observer. Would have loved to see Downey Jr. myself! ;)

Yeah, I just can't see how they could possibly do Iron Man mainly with a mechanical suit. I think the question will be how well can they match up CGI to the closeups of the real suit?

In this day and age, I'm sure the answer is "easily." :-)



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