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Iron Man's Mandarin villain cast?

ShaunToub.jpgThere's a wee rumour floating around that the actor Shaun Toub has been cast to play the villain in Iron Man, and that villain is...Gene Kahn, aka Mandarin.

Okay so Jon Favreau announced who the villain was going to be a while ago, but this makes it all dramatic don't you think, in keeping with the comic book style.

Now this is a huge rumour, the Toub part not the Mandarin in Iron Man, but it could be an interesting one for Iron Man fans out there. I've never really gotten into the comic when I was young so I don't know, but for those Iron fans out there does it work? I guess there is a part to it that it could fit well in a modern setting, but as for how it fits with the other enemies Iron could be fighting, I'm not sure.

The rumour is from /Film, and they are quick to remind you that it is a rumour too and that nothing is confirmed, however we all like to speculate, if there was none of that then what fun would there be?

So what do you think of the casting? Vic? For those of you who are unsure who Toub is, he's most known for his role as the Persian shopkeeper Farhad in Crash.



They really will have to update the Mandarin for present day and the old Asian stereotype from the Vietnam era wouldn't work well. It actually makes sense that they'd choose a Middle-Eastern actor since they've shifted the origin story from Asia to that part of the world.

I don't have a problem with it, personally. Don't know if some of the more hardcore fanboys over at the comicboards will, though. :-)

So far I am still EXTREMELY stoked about this movie.


I like the idea of having Vic as our resident consultant on Iron Man news! ;)

Heh. :-)

Thanks, Simone!


"Persian shopkeeper"!!!! HAHAHA! How diplomatic Richard...At least u won't be kidnapped like those poor marines..


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