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Jack Black joins Tropic Thunder

JackBlack.jpgJack Black is continuing his comic film career with an appearance in Tropic Thunder starring alongside Robert Downey Jr., Jay Baruchel, Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux, the latter wrote the screenplay along with Etan Cohen. Stiller will also be directing.

Black is going to be playing a gross-out comedian who is forced into rehab while he's filming on location in the jungle, after all his supplier might not head out that far. Together the team will be a group of actors playing commandos in the jungle film, until they are really called upon to be real cowboys...I mean commandos, by the local villagers who believe they really are the Three Amig...I mean really are commandos.

The story comes from Production Weekly. Has anyone else got this yet or is it just me? Or did you catch it last time I talked about it and it doesn't bother you?



Oh here it is!

I remember wanting to make a comment and totally forgot about it. I am all for this casting more than ever! I love Jack Black!


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