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Jake Gyllenhaal is not Captain Marvel in Shazam!

JakeGyllenhaal.jpgNow, let's kill the next rumour. Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Marvel. I hate when "the internet" is used to label all sites and all writers by the uneducated film industry. They obviously have no idea what "the internet" can actually do for their film, and who these people are, they are the audience. So when people like screenwriter John August have a crack at everyone who is on the internet, it's kind of disappointing. That said, he makes it clear that Gyllenhaal is not Marvel.

According to the internet, Jake Gyllenhaal is playing Captain Marvel. I'll be sure to let the studio, producers, and director know...Sigh...

...he's not considering. I can pretty much assure you he's never heard of the project. And we've never discussed him. We've never seriously discussed anyone.

After several months of meetings, casting has come up exactly zero times. There's no casting list. If there were a list, Gyllenhaal's name would probably be on it, but trust me: there is no list. There's no start date, no release date, no movie whatsoever. There's just a script to be written...

...But if you happen to bump into the internet, please tell him what I said.

I will August, and if you happen to bump into Hollywood, tell them to wake up to what "the internet" is. There are good people out there who write good things, and try to keep the confirmations coming as much as the readable rumours. Oh, and the "traditional press" are just as bad for rumours thank you very much.



Can I get an AMEN!!!

Um, it's pretty clear he was using "The Internet" facetiously. He's a big web geek.

I love the internet. In fact i have it at home in the garden and feed it twice a day. err hang on thats something else.

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