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Jennifer Garner in Star Trek?!

JenniferGarner.jpgOkay, another bucket load of salt rumour here, in fact tons again, because Star Trek is soaked with casting rumours and as yet we're not even sure if the script is completely finalised and approved, however. Could Jennifer Garner be set to appear as Spock's love interest? Oh my, these rumours are getting totally out of hand.

The rumour comes from Star Magazine, so readers will know what to expect from that, and it says that the reasoning behind is that Garner is a "chameleon" (quote from an insider which could be the tea lady), and that Abrams has a history of taking along friends from his previous shows into his new ones.

The story comes through TrekWeb.com and Moviehole.

Frankly it's complete rumour, there's nothing in there to suggest a real reason why she would be in it, and it could be that any stars from his previous shows are being pulled in. Who knows. Speculation is still continuing on the Damon-Brody-Sinise-McAvoy rumours too, that one just doesn't seem to be going away, and why not? They all look like the original actors after all.



yes please. where do i send my approval form to?

one heck of a hottie that would suit a trekkie role.

She's hot and she can act. I think it would be a good choice to cast her for the role.

Now everybody's happy! ;)


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