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Jennifer Hudson to play Aretha Franklin?

JenniferHudson.jpgCould it be true that Jennifer Hudson is set to play the legendary Aretha Franklin in a film of her life? Well according to Franklin herself she could well be.

Salt pinching time as the rumour comes from WENN through IMDB, but if it is from Franklin's lips herself the chances are that this could happen.

There's currently a book of her life being made into a stage production which is set to appear in the coming months, and the talk is that this will be adapted for a film.

It does seem a great choice, the woman can sing and she gave a superbly received performance in Dreamgirls. Who else would be better?



This is a biopic that I will definitely be very interested to see being an admirer of the great Aretha Franklin. I have seen Dreamgirls, not a strong film in my opinion, and although Hudson's voice didnt really appeal to me, I am sure she can give the role justice being able to act and sing.

I would like to see Hudson do a cover version of Respect and take it from there.


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