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Jet Li confirmed as The Mummy 3

JetLi.jpgThe rumour that Jet Li was going to play the new Mummy in The Mummy 3 is apparently true, heard last month it has now been confirmed.

The plot is still being kept under wraps, although we've heard snippets that the film will focus on their son, it will leap between ancient China and post World War II, that it looks like the original cast are returning, but there are none of the Egyptian Mummy characters in this film, it's all about Chinese Mummy's.

The Hollywood Reporter through Bloody Disgusting have the news that Li is cast.

Okay, so I don't agree with the radical change of setting and storyline, the original was superb and they should have found a great way to pull them all back in one last time. However it has moved to China and that's the way it's going so I have to let go and move on from that.

The news that the new Mummy is going to be Jet Li is, I think, the best we could get. He's a great actor and even better as a baddie. Hopefully we'll see some tradmark Li action in there as well, and now we have to hope that everyone else returns and that the story is strong.



I am on board with this, maybe they can show us the Terracota Army during the Qin Dynasty in 211 BC?


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