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Joffe's Captivity ad campaign withdrawn

ElishaCuthbert.jpgThe advertising campaign for Elisha Cuthbert's latest film Captivity has been quickly pulled after it started producing more notice than was expected, and for the wrong reasons.

Complaints began coming into the offices of After Dark and Lionsgate after the billboards ran in LA. They showed Cuthbert in distress under various headings, those of Abduction, Confinement, Torture and Termination.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Abduction poster shows her with a gloved hand over her face, Confinement shows her behind a chain link fence with a bloody finger poking through, Torture has her face covered in white gauze and tubes up her nose, and finally Termination with her head back looking quite dead.

Lionsgate said that After Dark were responsible for the posters which they had no involvement in as the deal is that After Dark develop the campaigns independently. Lionsgate contacted them as soon as they heard of the issues and they removed the billboards without question. After Dark said that the wrong campaign files were sent to the printer and once they realised the mistake it was immediately sorted.

The MPAA are also angered, and if they decide to be harsh they could deny the film a rating. I really doubt that will happen though, it was a clear mistake - or a very orchestrated move to raise awareness - and now it is all over.

The studio admits that the film was reshot to have a much different ending than originally filmed. Without giving too much away they say that it's not going to follow the ad campaign...great, no need to see the film now! Seriously though, no big surprise there.

I have to say the ad campaign has me much more interested in the film than before. There was a rough trailer shown previously, and it did look interesting, but now the Roland Joffe directed film sounds much more interesting.

It's a shame they didn't keep this campaign going, and it's also a bit of a concern that the studio are distancing the film from the style that the posters suggests. I think it will probably turn out to do less than if they ran with this campaign.



After Dark said that the wrong campaign files were sent to the printer and once they realised the mistake it was immediately sorted.

I think this has to be an orchestrated hype move. They sent the "wrong files"? Really? So some art director or designer gathered complete, finished, photo-ready artwork, pre-production proofs were reviewed and an entire billboard was created without anyone saying "Oh, those are the wrong files"? Billboard production is neither cheap nor immediate, and I just don't believe that errors like this happen so easily.

It's a much better - and more believable - campaign strategy to create the billboards to be as outrageous as possible and then take them down quickly so as to create buzz for the movie.


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