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Jolie and Derrickson for Earth Stood Still remake?

TheDayTheEarthStoodStill.jpgThere are rumours about today regarding the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, yes it seems to be happening as I wrote about the other week. The rumours involve one high profile actress and a well known director.

According to a reliable source, which they all are until you get duff information, Angelina Jolie is interested in the lead role and Scott Derrickson is on to direct the remake. Derrickson was responsible for The Exorcisom of Emily Rose.

The story comes from IESB and doesn't give much more information. They have tried to contact all concerned, and Fox have replied to them to totally deny the rumour, and yet they are standing by their source saying that they are totally positive that both Jolie and Derrickson have been offered the jobs.

I think a lot could be done with a film like this in today's climate, it's a remake I'm not specifically against. We'll just have to wait and see how it works out though. Would you want to see this remake made?



Agreed. I actually think that this is a remake that I could get behind.

Though Exorcism of ER was just okay in my book, the directing was great - especially the more dramatic scenes. And since Day the Earth Stood Still is mostly a dramatic movie, I think thiscould really work.

I'll be following this to see what's what in the near future. It'd probably be better without huge, high profile stars like Jolie though. But she's easy on the eyes; so I can go with it.

As long as this doesn't turn into Armageddon, I'm all for it. The original film has always been one of my all time favourites, and I'd really like to see someone bring it to life for modern audiences. However, if this turns into some action-packed CGI extravaganza, I may be forced to strike someone in anger.

Richard: Since I like your blog so much, I'll let you pick who gets punched.

Oh come now, I don't condone violence...even after just seeing Outlaw!


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