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Jones talks Midnight Meat Train

VinnieJones.jpgVinnie Jones has been talking about his starring role as the serial killer in Clive Barker's upcoming Meat Train which begins filming this week from the Versus Director Ryuhei Kitamura. Amazingly it also stars Brooke Shields as well as Bradley Cooper and Leslie Bibb.

In an interview he talks about his character and the locations:

"It's all in the trains...[Cooper is] a photographer, and he thinks he knows who's doing the killings, but the police won't [believe him]. ... I just keep disappearing, ... but he keeps seeing me, ... and he keeps trying to get pictures of me...

...This guy—Mahogany, my character's name is—can just blend in with the crowd...I wear a suit, and he just blends in. There's nothing different about him, really. ... [Cooper] keeps trying to take pictures, but when I go into the crowd, I just become one of the crowd. So what we're saying is this guy is such an enthusiastic killer, and he just blends in with the crowd."

In the comments from Wizard World through SciFi Wire, he also talks about the amount of gore this film will have, as well as a cracking twist:

"It's just in your face, raw as they come. There is [a twist] at the end, yeah, there certainly is at the end. The reason why I'm doing it."

Now I really do hope it lives up to the hype he's giving it now. So often twists are geuinely hyped and they turn out to be a sad let down. I am looking forward to this though, Barker is having a few of his works come to the big screen, including a Hellraiser remake, I just hope that we see the true Barker on screen because he can be quite terrifying.



Completely agree. Barker has a way of tapping into the terrifying like few others. I only hope that it's transfered onto the screen.


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