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King's It to be remade?

It.jpgCould Stephen King's It be getting remade? Well it certainly would sit well with the current return of his work to the big screen. According to one of those salty rumour types, a new mini-series is being worked on over at the Sci-Fi Channel and it's taking a slightly different view than the original.

The story could well look through the eyes of the only female in the group, Beverly Marsh, rather than that of the writer Bill Benbrough as the book and the original mini-series did. It also looks set to be a four hour long series.

The words are dropped on the Bloody Disgusting message boards by someone, and although there's no official source quoted, it does have a quote from the reported screenwriter Peter Filardi from a couple of years back through Creature Corner.

"If you remember ['Stuttering Bill' Denbrough] the writer was sort've the main character. But we're going to take it from Beverly Marsh's point of view...Here's this girl in the center of this big ensemble of guys. Going with her point of view is neat, it'll allow us a little bit of license. I think it could be great too. [Retelling IT is] another cool, more interesting exploration of friendship and time and how we all kind of grow up despite our best efforts not to"

FrightNight does say that Filardi was the original writer for the series when it was over at TNT and now it's at SciFi Channel he's working hard on it again.

The story of It is a pretty simple one with all the King usual traits, but it's a cracker and the original series featured a great cast including Tim Curry as the scary clown creature. Children are going missing and being murdered in a small town, seven kids (one of them the girl Beverly) discover that it is a strange creature that they see as Pennywise the clown. They band together to defeat the creature and carry on with their lives, but years later when they are all grown up, the creature returns to their lives and starts to seek revenge.

I loved the story, and the mini-series was pretty damn good too. I wonder how they could really do it differently this time and still make it worth while?



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