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Liu's Rise images online

Rise_Pic.jpgYesterday we had the first clip of Lucy Liu in the Vampire film Rise, she was getting rather intimate with the lovely Carla Gugino. Now the first pictures have arrived on the Internet, and it looks like we're going to start hearing more on this film.

There are only three pictures, the larger version of the one above, Liu lying in the bed her character was murdered in while the cop Michael Chiklis investigates the bite marks, and Chiklis holding her after it looks like she collapses.

There's nothing much to them, and they don't really give a feel for the style of the film. However they are the first look.

The film tells the story of Sadie Blake, a female reported who is murdered by a cult of vampires. Luckily she has 48 hours in which to kill them all and she'll return to being a human being. The cop who finds her helps her on her quest for revenge, mainly since his daughter was also killed by the same cult.

You can see them in full size over at Beyond Hollywood through Horror Movies and Stuff.

Sounds quite interesting, but will it offer something different to what the setup above suggests? I can't wait to see some post production shots of the film.



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