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Luke Goss in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army?

LukeGoss.jpgLuke Goss really is kicking into high gear with his acting career, and the latest role that he appears to be taking on is for Guillermo del Toro in the upcoming Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

Does anyone remember Bros? Although neither Universal or Goss' agents have managed to be contacted to confirm the rumour, it is sounding strong according to the rumour mill over at IESB through JoBlo.

The rumour sounds good, after all they've worked together in Blade II before, and I have to say he really did impress me in that film, although the Blade film wasn't as strong as the first, the character of Nomak and the storyline were pretty good. Since then I've not seen any of his other films, and although he's not been a major player he has been pretty steady with work.

Could this be giving him another chance at the big league? Tell you what, he could play the Peter Weller role in RoboCop if it were ever remade.



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