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Macdonald to direct US State of Play

KevinMacdonald.jpgKevin Macdonald has signed to direct the US film version of the British mini-series State of Play. The film will star Brad Pitt and has been written by Matthew Michael Carnahan.

The US story goes along the lines of a congressman'smistress is killed and a team of investigative reporters work with a police detective to solve the murder. Pitt is playing one of the reporters, a once close friend of the congressman. Slowly the conspiracy reveals that it is much higher and much larger than at first thought.

The writer of the original series, Paul Abbott, is on board as an Executive Producer, I don't know if that's in title to give him more cash, or if it is actually something to help bolster the film.

Of the film and the Director's chair, Macdonald says through Variety:

"I was absolutely hooked on the six-hour TV drama, and I know it's a hard act to follow, but I wanted to do something that tackles the way we as a society in America and Europe learn what's going on, and how much we can trust newspapers and the nightly news...This asks questions of how independent the press is, how much real investigating is conducted, and how much is taken on faith from lobbyists or PR sheets. The character played by Brad represents the old world journalist, the shining knight who is after the truth."

Interestingly Macdonald was working on the draft with Carnahan but the report has it that what attracted Pitt to his style was the work they were doing together on an adaptation of a memoir by Michael Finkel, the New York Times writer who faked a story about child slave labour in Africa before being exposed. To redeem himself he started discussions with a murderer who had used his identity before he was arrested.

Both projects sound very interesting, and show that Macdonald really is tackling some exciting stories. He's also just completed My Enemy's Enemy, an investigation into the CIA protection of Nazi war criminals like Klaus Barbie in Latin America, hiding them under the reasoning that they could help battle communism. Macdonald really is going from strength to strength, and after seeing The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review) you've got to be excited for all these projects.



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