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McAdams joins Peña and Robbins in Iraq homecoming film

RachelMcAdams.jpgRachel McAdams is joining Michael Peña and Tim Robbins in a film called The Return which will be written by Dirk Wittenborn and Neil Burger, with Burger directing.

I'm sure I wrote about this before, but I just can't find it. The story will see three soldiers Collee (McAdams), T.K. (Peña) and Cheever (Robbins) returning from active duty in Iraq after suffering injuries. The learn that life at home has passed them by and they end up on a road trip across America. Collee is taking her boyfriend's guitar back to his family (presumably he was over in Iraq and saved her life before dying), T.K. is seeking confidence to face his wife after a shrapnel injury has affected his sex life, and Cheever is going all out on a casino run to get money to pay for his son's college tuition.

The story from Hot Movie News sounds like a modern Wizard of Oz now, and a bit of a mismatch, but as always with these stories I really do hope that they focus on the soldiers and what they are going through rather than the buddy road trip aspects.

I do suspect that this will, with Robbins on board it certainly will go in that direction, and it will be a strong outing for Peña and McAdams.



robbins has the ability to really shine her. "IF" all the other actors gel together then this should be one to watch out for.

So this will obviously portray our soldiers as mentally messed up and troubled souls Wow. Hollywood has never done this before.

Never a mention of the VAST majority of troops that are highly educated and come back from duty and live a great, stable life with their familes and their career.

I think there isn't enough focus on the issue. Perhaps there are lot's of films about it, but how many are accurate? I'm not saying this one is, but it would be good to have more that are.

Okay, the majority don't, but then where's the film in that? Where's the film of everything going okay and working out fine? Oh, they are all over at Disney.

You honestly think any Iraq film Tim Robbins is working on is going to be accurate? I highly doubt it.

I'm not saying a movie about how everything goes fine would be interesting. I'm saying every movie about war that Hollywood has done in the last 20 years (okay, there are maybe two exceptions) always shows the troops as mentally deranged or they have some sort of major emotional issues; or at the very least they are anti-war vets (when most are not). This pretty much paints all veterans as pathetic losers. Then these same stars turn around and say, "We support the troops." It's garbage.

Now, does some of this happen? Sure, but to continually focus on the negative begins to wear thin and comes dangerously close to propaganda. And anyone thinks TR isn't all about the propaganda machine (when most of the things he says are just straight up untrue or incorrect) then they're living under a rock.

I have no idea what Tim Robbins has said outside of his filmmaking, but it's clear you're not a fan of the man.

Going back to the point, films about soldiers coming home from a war all happy and sorted aren't good Hollywood films, so we won't see them. Tim Robbins or not.

I rather like Robbins work actually, and I have no doubt that the studio, producers, scriptwriters and director would be the ones shaping the story, well before Robbins came along for the cast.


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