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McG gains the Losers from Berg

McG.jpgMcG, the man with the silly name but the talent for directing action sequences, has just taken over the reigns of The Losers, a comic book adaptation that Peter Berg was set to direct but for some reason has backed away from.

The Losers is a simple story, a team of special forces soldiers are betrayed by their handler and the team decide to go after him and the CIA who left them for dead. Sounds good, and the modern comic book series is supposed to be very good. It's based on a series from the 1970's that pulled together individual comic characters from other war stories.

The story comes from IESB through Jo Blo and they also say that McG is lined up for the remake of Fantastic Voyage, where minaturised people in a minaturised craft are injected into the body of someone in order to try and save them. Racquel Welch and Donald Pleasance starred. Remember it now?



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