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McGowan talks B-Movie role in Black Oasis

RoseMcGowan.jpgRose McGowan has been talking about the story of Susan Cabot, the B-Movie actress she is set to play in the film Black Oasis which will portray her troubled life and the strange relationship she had with her equally troubled son.

Cabot was about four-foot-ten. I'm not that short, but I'm not super-tall, she's certainly a lot smaller, and she'd wear these eight-inch platforms...

...She had just such a sad life and she was sure she'd be an A-list actress. She was engaged to King Hussein until he found out her real name was Harriet Shapiro and that she was Jewish...

Then she talks about the relationship she had with her son, the person who was ultimately responsible for her death. He beat her with a pair of nunchucks.

...had dwarfism and she put him through all of these experimental treatments with shots and hormones. It was such a bizarre relationship with them. He became obsessed with Bruce Lee, hence the nunchucks, that made him feel masculine but he didn't look masculine because of all the hormones. She was a very suffocating mother."

The quotes come from Coming Soon.

It sounds an interesting story and one that is sure to make some original cinema, something we need more of these days. It also marks another strong step in McGowan's career. She certainly is going from strength to strength.



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