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McGregor and Williams in London suicide bomber tale

EwanMcGregor.jpgA suicide bomber at a football (soccer) match in London doesn't sound like the most attractive of stories to make it to the big screen, but it will be in a film that will be directed by Sharon Maguire and starring Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor and Matthew Macfadyan.

Maguire is previously responsible for Bridget Jones and is not only directing but also adapting Chris Cleave's book Incendiary. The story comes from Cinematical.

The novel tells the aftermath of a suicide bomber killing himself and others at a crowded football match. The female lead of the book loses her husband and child to the bomber and decides to write a letter to Osama Bin Laden to tell him of her pain and loss.

Unfortunately the book doesn't get great commentary over at Amazon, the reviews are pretty bad overall and it's described as two-dimensional, soap opera, kitchen sink drama, etc. However there are positive quotes that say such things as it has a strong sense of dark humour and some vivid descriptions of the bombing aftermath. All in all though it doesn't sound good.

Yet the concept is strong, and although I'm surprised at the casting, both are strong actors who could bring a lot to the film, as long as it does something better than the book seems to.



Oh wow talk about coincidence! I just said to myself as soon as I saw the publicity photo you chose for this topic, oh man I love that kilt! and realised you thought the same thing!


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