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McMahon talks Prisoner

JulianMcMahon.jpgJulian McMahon has talked about his new film Prisoner, confusingly termed a psychological horror thriller with supernatural overtones. Well, which is it? He describes what the film is about.

According to the blurb the film is about a Hollywood director, played by McMahon, who is scouting locations for a new prison film and ends up being imprisoned himself. It seems that the film will be teasing us as to whether he really is locked up, if it is all in his mind, or if there is something else more sinister going on...whatever that could be.

He describes it over at SciFi Wire himself as:

"Prisoner is a pretty kind of intense movie...It's about a guy who's this arrogant filmmaker who gets in prisons, and it's a very psychologically orientated imprisonment. It's a little trippy like this movie is, and I guess that throughout the movie you wonder if he was actually really in prison or if it was his own spell that he put himself under...[I] was working with Elias Koteas, and we were stuck in a prison cell for five weeks or something. It was pretty intense."

Sounds okay, but where's the hook? I've just been told the story but I'm not pulled into it, and the idea that he's a director looking for a prison location and just happens to get locked up doesn't really drag me into the excitement of the story. There has to be something more.

McMahon is a strong actor, we've seen this, but I think he really has to pick his roles a bit more carefully. Things like Dr Doom really aren't pushing his talents.



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