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Meet The Robinsons featurette

MeettheRobinsons.jpgI've got a nice featurette for Meet the Robinsons for you that looks into the story, hears from the Director and Producer, shows some clips from the film, and also lets us meet the characters from the film.

It's not really my usual film, but it might have some laughs to be had and looks a nice family film for all. I have to say that the T-Rex gag at the end of the film made me giggle...

Here's the Meet The Robinsons featurette for you. Enjoy.



My daughter and I are both looking forward to this movie and there has been a good buzz on the movie. Personally, I'm going simply for the T-Rex because no matter how many times I see the trailer or TV spots I giggle. It's become a fun little joke between the kiddo and I.

The designs are fantastic. I am gonna convince someone I know to join me this ride.

Well you'll have to tell us how it is, my friend's babies aren't old enough to be borrowed yet!


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