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More Hot Fuzz clips

HotFuzz.jpgThere are some new clips for Hot Fuzz (Filmstalker review) online, and they're all hear for you to see.

I honestly can't believe that I saw the film so long ago, roll on more films being released first in the UK! However these clips do affirm one thing, the film really needs to be seen as a whole rather than just the individual jokes.

Still, if you haven't seen it yet you can see the clips right here, and you should read the spoiler free review too.

Making us look bad

Click here
to watch this video in fullscreen.

License for this one

Click here
to watch this video in fullscreen.

Police Raid

Click here
to watch this video in fullscreen.

Swan Escape

Click here
to watch this video in fullscreen.

Police Chase

Click here
to watch this video in fullscreen.

I love the Police Raid clip, mainly because of the one line from Timothy Dalton, he's deliciously evil in it.

The clips come from Movies Online.



I have seen Hot Fuzz 4 times since it was released, and now I can't wait for its DVD release.

Thanks for sharing these clips Richard!

this movie is just to funny... i am stoked for when it hits theatres.

I just saw the movie here on Monday in Chicago and loved it. I also got to meet Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright... Very awesome guys.

Hey Matthew, I will recommend their tv series Spaced if you havent seen it yet.


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