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More Justice League rumours

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgThere's another twist in the rumour about the Justive League of America film, and it says that Batman is in the film. This goes against a rumour the other day that he wasn't being considered for the film because his character was considered too big for the group.

Now you have to remember that even the idea of the Justice League film is a rumour right now, and I perhaps shouldn't even be doing this justice by repeating it, perhaps I should be passing it over and not bringing it to the discussion, what do you think?

For those of you unsure, Justice League comprises of, thanks to Wikipedia:

The original line-up is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. The team has also included Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Plastic Man and dozens of others.

Well I've started now, so let's see. Back in February we heard that a Justice League film was in the works, and then we heard that the Superman Returns sequel might be delayed for the film to take place, that was quickly put to rest.

Now from a source that IESB take as 100%, we hear that Batman will definitely be in.

...I can tell you one thing: BATMAN is 100 percent going to be in the Justice League movie they're developing at Warner Brothers...

Okay, so if he is in can we really see this film being made? Well Christian Bale has said that he has a clause in his Batman contract for three films and one was an ensemble film, could that be the Batman vs. Superman or the Justice League film?

I don't know, I still think it's a huge asking to get the huge characters of Batman and Superman together on screen without changing one of their characters. After all Batman is dark and edgy, Superman is all bright and right. Then there's all the other characters vying for the screen, I can only see a very thin angle where it could work. Both the story and direction would have to be carefully handled.

Do you, and could you see a Justice League film working?



I'll be the happiest kid on the planet if this is true!

"Do you, and could you see a Justice League film working?"

Sure, IF DONE RIGHT a JLA film has as much chance of suceeding as any other superhero movie.

There actually has already been a live action Justice League film, made for TV without The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel...


The less said about it the better.

IMO, it would be easy to do, Richard, but you'd have to have a very very strong plot. You couldn't have a story ABOUT batman or ABOUT superman, right, because the angles, would of course, be different.

instead, they would have to shift the focus away from these characters and have something of common interest in their paths. this is usually how it's portrayed in comics, as I understand.

God. This would either kickstart the D.C. movie franchises into hyperdrive ( which, other than Batman, it's relatively not as successful as Marvel at this point )...or it could halt it dead in it's tracks.

still, it's going to be great fun to watch news of this come down the pike, so I say throw it at us, Richard. rumor or not, this is interesting to me

Well, I guess it depends on your definition of easy! You see that is the hard part I think, hitting a strong plot that allows equal time for all characters and doesn't concentrate on one, getting the balance right between Superman and Batman, and also not allowing it to become a showboat for any franchise.

Don't worry then mogulus, I'll keep the stories coming.


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