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More Nightmare on Elm Street?

FreddyKruger.jpgCould there be a new Nightmare on Elm Street film coming? Not a prequel but a whole new film? Well we heard from Robert Englund that he was pushing it once again, and then a source suggested that the studio are actually working on one right now.

That said I did read today that the studio are totally denying what Englund said about getting a versus film on the go, they said that they are concentrating on the new Halloween film. However I don't think it was denying that they were looking at an Elm Street film, something the scooper is saying is on the go. Sorry that I can't find that story, I'll try again later.

The source writes into IESB and says:

"The studio is trying to get a new "Freddy" film up for a late 2007 start. It probably won't be the much-rumored "prequel" film, but either a new "Freddy Vs..." movie or another 'solo' adventure for Freddy - with one treatment in particular, floating around, getting quite a lot of buzz; its simply about the new young couple (hence, young CW-esque stars get to headline) who buy into their first home together... yep, you guessed it... THAT house.

The other option is a new "Freddy Vs. Michael" movie. There's a lot of red-tape to get through there. John Carpenter is trying to help sort it out. This film seems to be the most popular option on the table at the moment, so if they can get it up, they will."

I'm not really sure about this, I could see a new Elm Street film, but as I said before I think a versus would be a few films off. Release a couple of Myers and Krueger films and see how well they do, then bring them together.

Still, salt galore with this as it's a big rumour, and it's possibly been put down by the studio today. Yet part of me thinks that if they are bringing bacl Myers, why wouldn't they bring back Krueger?



All this salt you want us to take is not good for our health, you know that Richard. There's just been to many of them to take with your news lately! ;)

My fave Nightmare on Elm Street film was the first, the rest were all blah.

Don't you think it's time for hollywood to create a new monster that new generations can take with them? Freddy, Jason, Myers are all old news... where are our monsters?

Jigsaw isn't that memorable...

Matthew that's a great point, where are all our strong monsters? Do we have any?

I don't think we have any new monster, but oh how I adore the old! While I never got into the Friday 13th movies I'm a huge fan of Michael and Freddy. I can't count how many times Freddy gave me nightmares growing up. I would totally be up for another installment of Freddy, but it has a lot to do with nostalgia for me. Nightmare 1 & 3 are the best and the last one wasn't toooo bad.


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