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Murphy squanders Oscar on Fantasy Island

EddieMurphy.jpgOh lord, if anyone could be accused of throwing away their career it's Eddie Murphy. Academy Award Nominee and his list of films to come reads like more of the same, and I don't mean Dreamgirls unfortunately. Now there's news that he's going to lead a film version of Fantasy Island, remember "Da plane boss, da plane!"?

According to rumour he has been nabbed by Columbia to headline the remake of the seventies TV show. Now you could think that maybe they might salvage something from it, after all there was equal amounts of fun and morality to be had from the series, but then you hear that the writers of Norbit are on the case.

The rumour comes from IESB, who can be hit and miss with these but this does seem like it could be a hit unfortunately, through Moviehole.

For those of you who can't remember, Fantasy Island was an island resort where you could pay to go and make your dreams come true. Anything you wished for would be provided, for a price, and in the bargain you would be taught an excellent moral lesson too, usually showing that what you have in life is just as good as your dreams.

I kind of like the idea of taking this and bringing it to the big screen, but you know I find the idea of making it darker in tone much more attractive. Don't make it a comedy, take it down and look at what would really happen if people were given their true desires. Show people at their very worst as their most base desires come to the fore and they are taught important lessons.

However we know it's going to end up a lacklustre comedy with Murphy playing all the roles, and the only base thing will be the jokes as they are lined up one after the other. Goodbye Oscar, goodbye cruel career...



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