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Nancy Drew gets a sequel

NancyDrew.jpgThe Nancy Drew film already has a sequel on the way with Emma Roberts set to reprise the role.

The story comes from Variety and doesn't really tell us much more, but when I saw the trailer I have to say I was surprised, it looked good, and it hooked me.

It's strange that some remakes and "reimaginings" can work and some can't. Call me crazy, but I might just find a way to get to the cinema and see this...now which of my friends have kids old enough to behave.

Is there any interest out there for this, or do you feel it's just more Clueless kind of comedy?



My daughter and I saw a trailer for this movie when we went to see Bridge to Terabithia (very good flim, btw)and it looks like fun. Teenage fun and definitely not as good a traditional Nancy Drew novel (I liked them as a kid), but it sparked enough interest. Emma Roberts is a fair young actress, so it'll be interesting how she does in the movie.

If anything, this movie will be a good popcorn flick for mother and daughter to catch on a Sat afternoon.

I do think it's funny that even before the movie is out there is already a sequel planned. Though no doubt this movie will make some money because family movies of this nature usually do.


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